Thursday 11th & Monday 22nd October 10am-3pm. Scrub clearance

Through the efforts of a few enthusiastic volunteers on Thursday 11th October a section of scrub was cleared from along the brook letting in light, with the aim of improving the habitat for the water voles and kingfishers.

There is still more to do, so any time you can give on Monday 22nd October would be greatly appreciated.

Please come along at 10am to South Moorlands Leisure Centre main car park off Ashbourne Road. Everyone welcome.

Thursday 25th October 7pm Talk by Mark Preece

Come along to a talk on Cecilly Brook and Hales Hall Pool by Mark Preece Countryside Client Officer for Staffordshire Moorlands D.C. on Thursday 25th October at 7pm at Thorley Drive Sports Pavilion, Cheadle. You are all very welcome.

Mark is responsible for the management of the reserves and has a lot of knowledge and experience of the local wildlife.

Come and hear about the wildlife found on the reserves, how it is managed and how you can get involved.

Following the talk and slide show Mark will be pleased to answer any questions that you might have.

Water vole survey 2018

A number of people have recently said that they have not seen any water voles in the brook.

However there is evidence of water vole burrows and latrines in the section between Ashbourne Road and Oakamoor Road. A recent survey in the summer of 2018 has located 11 latrines in this section with a further 5 in the area behind Ullswater Drive.  A number of  water voles have been seen by members, particularly in the middle section of the reserve. Unfortunately there has been no evidence of water vole activity south of Ashbourne Road.

As part of the planning application for the old JCB site a survey also recorded the presence of water voles in this area.

Birds on the reserve

Look out for willow tits which have been heard recently along the brook. Also look out for Redwings, Fieldfares, Siskins, Long Tailed Tits, Nuthatches and Kingfishers, as well as the normal garden birds you would expect to see in the winter.

Buzzards have nested near to the reserve and can often be seen soaring overhead.

It will soon be time to look out for this year’s Starling murmurations and winter migrants, especially at Hales Hall Pool.

Cheadle Angling Club spotted juvenile Oystercatchers flying around Hales Hall Pool (April 2018)