Flush only the 3Ps

The pictures below show the Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) next to the road bridge at Oakamoor Road. CSOs carry away both sewage from homes and storm water from drains and roads. They are a safety valve to release pressure when large volumes of water enter the sewers, for example during a heavy storm. The excess water enters into watercourses to prevent flooding of homes and buildings.

This first picture shows all the wet wipes on the grid of the CSO. These have made their way into the sewerage system having been flushed down toilets. Many also get into Cecilly Brook or get attached to overhanging branches. Not all wipes labelled flushable and biodegradable disintegrate once flushed. They can take 500 years to decompose as some contain plastic resins and so pose a risk to local wildlife and the environment.

A big thank you to the Severn Trent River Rangers who removed all the wipes and cleaned up around the overflow after the Friends of Cecilly Brook and Hales Hall Pool met up with Senior River Ranger Stuart Hill. As this picture shows they did a really great job.

Please only flush the 3Ps – Poo, Pee, Paper – so we don’t have this problem again in the future.