Revealing the art installation

On Thursday 16th January 2020 volunteers from the Friends of Cecilly Brook and Hales Hall Pool set out to uncover the art work that was completed in 2007, but had become overgrown in recent years, so disappearing from view. The installation comprises a predator/prey labyrinth offering 2 routes to a raised stone area.

The installation is located between the brook and the path near to Oakamoor Road

After working for a short while a number of stones had been found

After 3 hours work the basic framework of the predator/prey labyrinth is visible

Lucy Eames was instrumental in commissioning the art installation and way marker posts along the brook as part of a community arts project.

The intallation was completed in 2007 using local materials and metal work and was a collaboration between Ian Naylor, a local artist, and Hillary Cartmel, an artist based in South Yorkshire.

The piece was designed as a Predator/Prey racing maze, offering 2 possible routes, designed to allow 2 people of differing physical abilities to race to a common goal.

The metal work, built by Hillary, highlights the moon crater named after Mary Blagg, born in Cheadle in 1858.